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Why Because fascism kills people and fascists are active in today's world.

Fascism is not a philosophy. Fascism it not a political theory, an opinion, or a weltanshaung. Fascism is a rationalization for mass murder and the destruction of democratic institutions.

Fascism on the internet

Let's have no delusions: fascism will not be stopped on the internet. If every user opposed it and did nothing in the real world, fascism would conquer tomorrow.

The war against fascism can only be won in the streets.

But the internet has become the major instrument for the distribution of fascist propaganda for off-the-net action. It has also become a separate battlefield in itself. is meant to be a action-oriented counter to this. It is not meant to replace or substitute for other net-based forces opposing bigotry and intolerance. Nor is it meant to replace real-world organizations. is meant as an organizing and research tool for activists and academics. As a web site, it is devoted to a pluralistic anti-fascism. Radical humanism requires a fundamental identification with the labor organizations smashed by the fascists and all of the victims of the fascist crimes against humanity.

This does not mean that we need to have "one big happy anti-fascist movement." We do not; any attempt to form such a thing by avoiding discussion of differences, would be disastrous.

Stopping fascism means mass organizing by mass organizations. We need to rebuild the Black-Jewish-Labor coalition so effective during the 60s civil rights movement in the U.S. To that end, we publish information of interest to anti-fascists.

We have the complete archives of our journal The Internet Anti-Fascist. You can also read the latest anti-fascist e-zines as well as publications devoted to civil liberties and humanist values. There's also a collection of theoretical articles on fascism and material on tactics for fighting the rightwing. Finally, we have a collection of semi-internal documents by the fascists themselves on their plans and organization for the internet.

We also have a list of documents on Usenet, the world's village green where the fascist voice is loud and pervasive.


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