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Contemporary Writers A - G

"Fascism in our midst: The Social Psychology of Neo-Fascism," downloaded Sep 1999
Awake (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania)
"The Holocaust: Who Spoke Out," 22 Aug 95
Jean Barrot,
"Fascism/Antifascism", 1979
Chip Berlet (Political Research Associates)
"Buchanan & Fascism: A Serious Look" 18 Feb 98
"Paranoid Conspiracism and the Right," by n.d. (posted 27 Aug 98)
Biehl, Janet
"'Ecology' and the Modernization of Fascism in the German Ultra-right," 1995
"Militia Fever: The Fallacy of 'Neither Left nor Right'," (Green Perspectives: A Social Ecology Publication), #26, Apr 96
Biehl, Janet and Peter Staudenmaier
"Ecofascism: Lessons from the German Experience," Bibliographic Information, 1995
Boston, Rob (Free Inquiry)
"10 Reasons Why the Religious Right Is Not Pro-Family," Vol. 19, No. 1
Bridenthal, Renate (Brooklyn College)
"On the Protocols of Zion," no date
Broule, Pierre (Le Verite)
"The 'May Days' of 1937 in Barcelona," 1988
Eco, Umberto
"Eternal Fascism: Fourteen ways of looking at a blackshirt,"no date, downloaded 6 Dec 97
EXPO Magazine
"Music - the new Nazi money machine," n.d., downloaded Sep 99
Forgey, Elisa
"The Threat of Fascism: Lessons from Weimar Germany," Oct 1995
Friendly, Joe
"First International Conference and Exhibition on the Jasenovac Concentration Camps," video of conference. announcement, 15 December 1999
Gardner, Dan (special to The Globe and Mail)
"When Racial Categories Make No Sense," 27 Oct 95
Goldner, Loren
"An American National Bolshevik: A Review of Kevin Coogan's 'Dreamer of the Day. Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International" 2001
Kate Sharpley Library, Bulletin of the
"Anarchists Against Hitler: The Underground FAUD in the Rhineland," Bulletin #5, n.d., 1995?

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