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Hornshøj-Møller, Stig
"Dear members of the network for Jewish social culture during the Holocaust!," by by introduction to his thesis and c.v.
"Using Authentic Nazi Propaganda In Teaching the Holocaust: Problems, Possibilities, Dangers, and Experiences," by 2-4 Mar 97
"The Role of 'Produced Reality' In the Decision-Making Process Which Led to the Holocaust," 11-13 Jun 97
"Atawolf: The Riddle of Adolf Hitler," A Documentary Series for Television in Four Parts (appr. 150 Min.) ....
"Atawolf: Part II The Women"
"Atawolf: Part III The Apostles"
"Atawolf: Part IV The Jews"
English Introduction, "Forermyten. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels Og Historien Bag Et Folkemord," Tiderne Skifter, Copenhagen, 1996. 424 pp.
"The Fuehrer Myth: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and the History behind a Genocide," Annotated table of contents, appendix, and appendix on Daniel J. Goldhagen
"The Fuehrer Myth: Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels and the History behind a Genocide," selected chapters
King, Martin Luther Jr.
"Eulogy for the Martyred Children," 15 Sep 63
Lethbridge, David (Bethune Institute for Anti-Fascist Studies) -- see also Lethbridge writings in "tactics" archive
"Fascism's Disguise Is Everywhere the Same [On 'Free Speech' for Fascists]" 1998
"Fascist Propaganda: 10,000 Mein Kampf's" Nov 98
"Marxist-Leninist Theory of Fascism, The" Feb 99
"Racist Propaganda and the Law," Nov 98
"'Respectability' of Fascism, The Sep 96
"Stealing Freedom" 1998
Mieder, Wolfgang (De Proverbio: An Electronic Journal of International Proverb Studies)
"Proverbial Manipulation in Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf: For Alan Dundes on His Sixtieth Birthday,"
Mizrach, Steve
"The Occult and Nazism Re-Examined"n.d. downloaded 23 Jul 99
Modern History Sourcebook
"The 25 Points 1920: An Early Nazi Program," (no author) n.d.
Munis, Grandizo (Socialist Current)
"Spain: The Politics of the Underground," Oct 1962
Philips, Michael
"How To Be A Revisionist Scholar," by 3 Jan 96
Rogers, Ernest
"Preface to Hugo Oehler's 'Barricades in Barcelona,'" Mar 1988
Staudenmaier, Peter
"Fascist Ecology: The 'Green Wing' of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents," 1995
Schwartz, Terese Pencak
"Who Were the Five Million Forgotten?", no date
Sebesta, Ed "Crawfish"
"The Neo-Confederate Movement" March 95
Youth Against Racism In Europe
"No Platform [For Fascists]," downloaded Sep 1999

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