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Traditional Writers A - O

Brandt, Willie (then S.A.P., later S.P.D.),
"[The Spanish Civil War]" Jul 1937
Buck, Tim (Communist Party of Canada)
"Toward The People's Front In Canada," Apr 1938
Carrillo, Santiago
"The Spanish Left in its Own Words," 19 Jul 1937
Confessing Church
"The Barmen Declaration," 1934
Day, Dorothy
"Open Letter to Father Curran On Technique", May 1937
"We Are Un-American: We Are Catholics" The Catholic Worker, April 1948
"Untitled Review of 'A Christian Looks at the Jewish Question'," Jewish Frontier (Oct 1939) and The Catholic Worker (Nov 1939)
Dimitrov, Georgi
"The People's Front," Dec 1936
"Youth Against Facism: Speech at the Opening of the Sixth Congress of the Young Communist International,", 25 Sep 1935
"Report To the VIIth World Congress of the Communist International"
Herbst, Josephine (The Nation)
"The German Underground War: Part I. Anti-Nazi Feeling Rises," 8 Jan 1936
Held, Walter (Quatrieme Internationale)
"Stalinism and the POUM in the Spanish Revolution," Mar-Apr 1937
Hunter, Bill (Socialist Appeal)
"Nuremberg: Death to Nazi Criminals," Oct 1946
Ibarruri, Dolores (La Passionaria)
"Goodbye, Brothers, Till Our Speedy Union" Farewell speech to the International Brigades, Barcelona, Sep 1938
Oehler, Hugo
"Barricades in Barcelona: The first revolt of the proletariat against the bosses’ Popular Front," 16 May 1937

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