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Trotsky, Leon
"The German Puzzle," Nov 1932
"The Turn In the Communist International and the Situation In Germany," 26 Sep 1930
"Thaelmann and the 'People's Revolution': Letter To A Comrade From Spain," 14 Apr 1931
"Workers Control of Production: Letter To A Group of German Oppositionists," 20 Aug 1930
"Factory Councils and Workers' Control of Production," 21 Sep 1931
"Against National Communism! Lessons of the 'Red Referendum'," 25 Aug 1931
"Germany, The Key to the International Situation," 26 Nov 1931
"For A Workers' United Front Against Fascism," 8 Dec 1931
"What Next? Vital Questions For the German Proletariat: Part I," 27 Jan 1932
"What Next? Vital Questions For the German Proletariat: Part II," 27 Jan 1932
"What Next? Vital Questions For the German Proletariat: Part III," 27 Jan 1932
"Interview With Montag Morgen," 12 May 1932
"The German Puzzle," Aug 1932
"Germany: The Only Road," 14 Sep 1932
"German Bonapartism," 30 Oct 1932
"Before the Decision," 5 Feb 1933
"The United Front for Defense: A Letter To A Social Democratic Worker," 23 Feb 1933
"The Tragedy Of the German Proletariat: The German Workers Will Rise Again -- Stalinism, Never!," 14 Mar 1933
"Germany and the USSR," 17 Mar 1933
"Hitler and the Red Army," 21 Mar 1933
"The German Catastrophe: The Responsibility of Leadership," 28 May 1933
"What Is National Socialism," 10 June 1933
"How Long Can Hitler Stay?," 22 Jun 1933
"It Is Necessary To Build Communist Parties and An International Anew: The Orientation Toward Reforming the Comintern," 15 Jul 1933
"It Is Impossible To Remain In the Same International With the Stalins, Manulshys, Lozovskys and Company," 20 Jul 1933

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