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Beam, Louis
"Conspiracy to Erect An Electronic Iron Curtain, The" 1995
"Multiculturalism As A Tool To Divide And Conquer: The Layman's Primer," (no date, downloaded Jan 99)
"Revolutionary Majorities," (no date, downloaded Jan 99)
Buchanan, Pat (Creators Syndicate), "Free-trade extremists undermine Reagan's legacy," 23 Mar 98
Church of Jesus Christ
"aLTeRnaTIve nATioN !!! pUNks !!! fREedOM rULez !!!!!" n.d. downloaded Feb 99
Faurisson, Robert
"The Horned Visions of the 'Holocaust," Le Temps Irreparable , French edition 2 Jul 1997, English translation 27 Jul 1997.
Hale, Matt
"The Growing Mayhem of Decadent America," , World Church of the Creator, The usual you-know-what directed by you-know-who against you- know-who-they-are with the usual you-know-the-words. Thus useful as an example of similar agitational writing.
Hestion, Charlton
"Winning the Cultural War," speech at Harvard Law School Forum 16 Feb 99
Lind, Bill
"The Origins of Political Correctness," An Accuracy in Academia Address, 10 Jul 98
Millard, H.
"Hatemongers on the Internet," (Nationalist News Service), 17 Feb 98
Nationalist Movement
"Acclamation of the People: "The Pro-Majority Plan," 18 January 1992
"The Nationalist Platform," 4 July 1996
National Front (U.K.) and the Nationalist Movement (U.S.A.)
"The New Atlantic Charter," 3 October 1989
Richards, R.C.
"The Week In Review: Hail Victory!" posts from 17 Sep 1995 through 22 Oct 1995. For those with a sense of humor, take a look at the CNG's views on the group's effectiveness before the vote over and other mobilizations against fascists on the net.
Ruffner, Kevin C.
"A Persistent Emotional Issue: CIA's Support to the Nazi War Criminal Investigations," Studies In Intelligence, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1997. Read what the C.I.A. has to say about charges they protected Nazi and other fascist war criminals, and get it straight from the Agency's official in-house journal.

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