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Traditional Writers A - H

Coughlin, Father
"By the Sweat Of They Brow," n.d., c.d. 1931
"Charity -- The Policy Of Christ,", n.d., c.d. 1931
"Child's Welfare Bureau,, n.d., c.d. 1931
"Christ Or Chaos?," 1930
"Christianized Democracy," n.d., c.d. 1931
"Come, Follow Me," 1931
"Easter Sunday," 1931
"Future Of the National Union, The (1)" 3 Feb 1935
"Future Of the National Union, The (2)" 3 Feb 1935 (?)
"'God Of Gold, The': On Usury" 1932
"Gold and Silver,", n.d., c.d. 1931
"Internationalism" n.d., c.d. 1931
"'King In Pilate's Hall: A Christian Call To Arms, The," 1930
"Lest We Forget," Armistice Day, 1930
"More On the National Union," 18 Nov 1934
"Next War, The 1932
"On Modern Banking," n.d., c.d. 1931
"On Sacrifice,", 1930
"On Sacrifice (2): Sacrifice Of the Mass," Nov 1930
"On Wages: Worthy Of His Hire,", n.d., c.d. 1931
"Pilgramge, The", n.d., c.d. 1930
"President's Message To Congress, The" 8 Jan 1939
"Prosperity: On the Moneychangers" 1931
"'Render Unto Caesar'," n.d., c.d. 1930
"Slaughter Of the Innocents, The," n.d., c.d. 1931
"Sovietizing Or Saving America?" 10 Feb 1935
"Toppling Tower, The" 1931
"Quo Vadis? Whither Goest Thou?" n.d., c.d. 1931
"Washington's Legacy: The Pact With the Past!" 1931
"Way Out, The" 1932
"Why Radicalism?", n.d., c.d. 1930
"Without Religion - What?" 1931
Goebbels, Joseph
"Germans, Buy only from the Jew!," (Der Angriff), 10 Dec 1928
"Don't Be Too Fair!," (Das Reich), 6 Sep 1942
Hiemer, Ernst
"The Poisonous Mushroom [A Nazi Children's Primer]," (Racial Hygiene Education), 1938
Himmler, Heinrich
"Combatting the Gypsy Nuisance," 8 Dec 1938
Hitler, Adolph
"Speech on the current economic situation," 12 Apr 1922
"Speech on Jewish Organizing and Ideology," 12 Jul 1922
"Speech Before the Munich Court," 26 Feb 1924
"Speech Before the Munich Court," 27 Mar 1924
"Speech On the State Made During the Elections," 16 Sep 1930
"Proclamation To the German Nation," 1 Feb 1933
"Speech On War Guilt and Division," 23 Mar 1933
Holy See (Vatican)
"Concordat Between the Holy See and the German Reich" signed by Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli and Franz von Papen, 20 Jul 1933

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