Partial List of Endorsers

for the three anti-fascist UseNet news groups

"The important work done by '' in fighting right wing fascists and other cybernazis is too important to be left only to him and a small group of others. The time for activism is the moral responsibility of us all in the wake of the post-Holocaust/Shoah era. You have my 100% unqualified support for your work and efforts. Together, may we continue to be successful!"
Rabbi Dr. Steven L. Jacobs,
Temple B'nai Sholom, Huntsville, Alabama
International Editor, The Papers of Dr. Raphael Lemkin
Secretary-Treasurer, Association of Genocide Scholars

"Given the rise in hate crimes over the last few years, and the jump in anti-Asian violence over the last decade, an anti-fascist newsgroup would provide much needed critical intelligence on anti-democratic elements on a national and international level. More importantly, it would provide a safe space for the community of justice seeking to fight against such element at home and abroad."
Gene Chung-ngai Moy
Coordinator -- Asian Community OnLine (ACON)

"I want to express my support for your efforts to create the anti-fascist news groups on the Internet. I have watched people use bigotry and intolerance in cynical attempts to wreck unions. As an activist in the Haitian community I have seen racism used to scapegoat Haitian refugees which includes the systematic denial of asylum to Black boat people by the U.S. government. I have also seen hate-based action injure our union brothers and sisters and their families off the job. While I am writing to you as an individual, not as someone expressing the official position of my union, I want you to know you have my full support and many of the members."
Marty Goodman
Executive Board
Transport Workers Union: Local 100 (New York)

"Bigotry and fascism are a many-headed hydra that imperils the creative spirit and independence necessary for the flourishing of art. As an Asian American, poet, feminist and campus affirmative action analyst, I was deeply concerned to learn recently how extensively the internet is being utilized by ultra rightists, Nazis, homophobes and sexists to market their anti-human, anti-woman agenda. We need the proposed moderated Usenet newsgroups to use our anti-fascist free speech to counter theirs in cyberspace."
Nellie Wong
Poet, San Francisco, CA

"As a physician concerned with the ability of all people to enjoy a full and healthy life, I abhore the political agenda of the ultra-right that seeks to obliterate the right to biological self-determination for women and attacks the liberty and lives of people of color, immigrants, lesbians and gay men and other target groups. I believe that moderated, Usnet newsgroups devoted to anti-fascist organizing could be a valuable tool to countering ultra-right, anti-human machinations in cyberspace."
Susan E. Williams, M.D.
New York City, NY

"Dear Sister and Brothers, United Front Against Fascism supports your efforts to establish three new moderated newsgroups on the Internet to combat the ideas expressed by cybernet nazis and to give anti-fascists theorists and activists an exciting opportunity to dialog and to work together long distance. Innovative organizing tools like these are much needed if we are to build a world movement to defeat the would-be fuhrers. Let's hope that yours is only the frirst of many united front efforts in cyberspace! Good luck and keep us apprised of what we can do to help. In struggle, "
Guerry Hoddersen
Commuinity Organizer

"All women have a stake in fighting the ultra-right. This is why Radical Women endorses the establishment of Usenet newsgroups devoted to anti-fascist organizing on the internet. As the oppressed majority of every one of fascism's historical targets, every woman worker, lesbian, woman of color and Jewish woman with a keyboard at her fingertips has the power to bring an organized anti-fascist voice into cyberspace to counter the Nazis, racists, sexists and homophobes current roving the internet in search of sympathizers and recruits."
Nancy Reiko Kato
National Radical Women Organizer
San Francisco, CA

"The Freedom Socialist Party enthusiastically supports the formation of the proposed moderated, anti-fascist, Newsnet newsgroups. We urge all historical scapegoats--unionists, people of color, women, Jews, Romany (Gypsies), immigrants, civil libertarians, lesbians and gays, elders, the disabled, and other socialists--to join in the upcoming internet vote campaign. Together, from our computer keyboards, we can declare "Never again!" to the current Nazi harassers, organizers and hatemongers in cyberspace."
Henry Noble
National Freedom Socialist Party Organizer
Seattle, WA

"I believe that the RFD is worthy of the support of all people interested in the defense of persecuted minorities and potential victims of the rising tide of neo-fascist forces around the world. This noble venture, should it succeed, can serve as a beacon of truth exposing both the actions of fascists and, worse still, the actions of those great powers (governments) who promote, finance and preserve the forces of fascism as a tool for promoting their neo-colonial interests -- as indeed they have for the past fifty years. If you are interested in exposing this nexus of hate, lies and murder then you should be interested in helping RFD to succeed. It will go to the heart of what's wrong with the world today."
Barry Lituchy
Adjunct Professor of History: Kingsborough Community College, (City University of New York)
Initiator and Assistant Co-ordinator of the First International Conference and Exhibition on the Jasenovac Concentration Camps, October 29-31, 1997

"Anti-facist bulletins contain critical information for squatters and other homeless people in the six nations with members on Homeless People's Network (HPN) discussion list. Because free speech on the Internet is essential to political freedom, count me as one who votes YES on creating these anti-facist Newsgroups: misc.activism.anti-fascism.announce, misc.activism.anti-fascism.tactics, and soc.politics.anti-fascism"
-- Seeking peaceful means to homeless people's aims,
Tom Boland HPN [Homeless People's Network] listowner

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