If, as the civil libertarians tell us, "the answer to bad speech is not censorship but good speech and more of it" then the central task of antifascism is to organize that good speech in such qualities and quantities as to be totally destructive to the bad speech and its effects.

Fighting fascism

Fascism is organizing on the net. Everyday we see examples of the hate crimes and bigotry of the Nazis, their skinhead youth, and other forces trying to create a new Holocaust. That is why we must organize antifascism as a counter. The far right has embraced the Internet as a major organizing tool; we must also. We do so understanding that the war will not be won on the net but in the streets.

Understanding fascism

Fascism must be understood. To optimize our struggle for antifascism we need to study exactly how it functions and organizes. That's why we've created the archives below.

antifascism on fighting fascism
antifascism on understanding fascism
what fascism says
how fascism organizes

We present a pluralistic series of documents representing all the different views that make up the broad movement for antifascism.

Tracking fascism

Fascism does not always present itself clothed in the swastika. Nor are all its friends open. Various hate crimes and forms of bigotry also serve to increase its dangers today. We've archived news stories of interest to those opposed to hate-based actions and likely to support an agenda of antifascism. Classical fascism manifested itself by intense racism in the U.S. and intense anti-Semitism in Germany. Today, as we seek to build antifascism, we need to understand the changing nature of fascism, particularly as it violently targets women's and gay rights.