A New LaRouche-style Cult In the Making

R. Malecki and the Sparts:

Wrecking Anti-fascist Organizing


Included below in its entirety, is the latest attack on our anti-fascist organizing by R. Malecki. Malecki functions as the de facto webmaster for the Spartacist League U.S.A. and their affiliated International Communist League.

Our analysis, based on earlier evidence, was that these forces represented a new LaRouche-style cult in the making. But simply read the raw data from one of their posts, and reach your own conclusions.

You can also read the my original political views that produced Spartacism's claims of links to the [Royal] Canadian Mounted Police and the B'Nai Brith. The Canadian League for Human Rights held a conference in Toronto on the theme of how to deal with hate speech on the Internet. My views, originally to have been delivered in a workshop headed by Nizkor's Ken McVay, were published in Computer underground Digest under the title "Will 'Hate Speech' Become the 'Fifth Horseman' of the Apocalypse." Don't get confused if you can't see any basis for Malecki's claims about the Mounties in this article. One characteristic of cults is the ability to neatly reverse observable reality. To all other people in the world you may be quietly eating a Hershey's chocolate bar; but to the cultist you are screaming about how white sugar must be banned. At least the reversal of reality has some connection to observable fact. Sometimes the cult proclamations have no discernable relation to reality at all. While you eat your chocolate the cultist might proclaim you are screaming at people to fly to the moon. So if you decide to read the "Fifth Horseman" document don't be confused if you can't follow Malecki's reasoning, however twisted that is. There may be no reason to follow.

You can also read an earlier document, written by ex-members of the Spartacist League, that concludes the SL is a cult. "The Road to Jimstown" is a pun on the People's Temple, led by Jim Jones. This group made international headlines when the members, living in the cult compound called Jonestown, committed mass suicide. The document and its authors have no connection to proponents or supporters of the three anti-fascist news groups. However, it is of historical interest to further illuminate Malecki's claims, much as might a document by ex-Scientologists illustrate some workings of that group.

You can also familiarze yourself with the cult phenomenon by reading articles from several different viewpoints.

-- tallpaul


From: (Bob Malecki)
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"Cockroach" Announcement to all..

Cockroach and Bob Malecki condemn TallPaul and his anti-communist, anti-worker anti poor fake anti fascist front with the cops and Bnai Brith. No support to this scum of the Internet.. Vote No! Defeat this asshole..

On Wed, 11 Feb 1998 02:39:17 GMT, (Paul Kneisel) wrote: Tall Paul writes!

>This is a response to some claims made against the anti-fascist organizing
>by J.D. Holmes, R. Malecki, P. I. Mathisen, D. Stevens, and others.

I see Paul is desperately ranginging up some incredible statements by Rabbi's and the Freedom Socialist Party in support of his pro cop-Bnai Brith fake "anti-fascist coalition.

Stevens for a change is absolutely correct in opposing Tall paul on this stuff and even more so the support given to this iniative by the Freedom Socialist Party..

In fact Tall Paul wants to build a "anti-fascist front" which is composed of cops and right wing maniacs who both defend and feed the nazi philth not only on the Internet but in real life also..

All Communists, Socialists and activists should oppose this new attempt by Paul to mobile the forces of reaction under the fake umbrella of being anti-Nazi..

Cockroach and Bob Malecki proudly proclaims that it will have nothing to do with Tall Paul and his anti-fascist alliance which not only encompasses such charming people as Bnai Brith and the Candian Mounted Police but is a real attempt to get people involved in something which hardly can stop the fascists here on Internet..

The fascists on Internet only reflect the growing fascist threat on the streets and cities of the planet and in fact must be defeated their through United Front actions involving the massive power of the labor movement..

Paul's attempts to mobilize people on the Internet is nothing but a reflection of the most bizaar form of popular front politics which invites the cops and Bnai Brith into you homes as *real* anti fascist fighters..

What a joke Paul is..

The disgusting position of the Peoples Freedom Party on this stuff is a skandal and shows them up as the most blantant opportunists in the world where they openly declare support for Paul's fake anti fascist front. They know very well that Paul invites the armed fist of the capitalist state to take part in this forum along with right organizations like the Bnai Brith..

And the Peoples Freedom Party jumping on their opportunist popular front appetites to mobilize anybody and especially gays and lesbians is really suicidal. It is asking these people to build a front against the so called Nazi threat on the Internet with the very same people that want to exterminate these people.

Any women espeacially "lesbian" women or any man especially "gay" men who follow the advice of the Peoples Freedom Party on this stuff might as well take a razor blade and slit their own throats. Because the very same people that Paul wants and cooperates with in his anti-fascist front the cops and the Bnai Brith have the same program as the Nazi's do for these particular groups. But also the left in General..

With the demise of the Soviet Union and the leap to the right by the ex-Stalinists and Social Democratic reformists we are seeing all kinds of handstand activities coming from so called leftists like Paul and his allies in the People's Freedom Party trying to build a broad front of "progressives" which include both the armed fist of the capitalist state and such charming organizations as Bnai Brith..

Against this attempt I suggest a real anti Nazi list or forum *ONLY* for organizations that claim they support the working class and its organizations.

The history of Tall Paul's attempts to build and "anti-fascist" front is the history of a disgusting little weasle who lies and is a cop lover and supporter of organizing the Bnai Brith as anti fascist fighters. Paul and anybody that supports this him and his anti-communist , anti-worker, anti-women (especially lesbian women) fake anti fascist front with all and sun dry including his despicable dealings with the far right and the armed fist of the capitalist state should be roundly condemned..

No support to this fake anti fascist front.

Vote NO--Spread the word and defeat this anti-communist, anti-worker-anti-women scum trying to dress up as "anti-fascist" fighters!

I hereby given permission to anybody on the net to send this declaration to any newsgroup-mail list or whatever if it will help stop Tall Paul and is anti working class and anti poor activities!

Cockroach and Bob Malecki


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