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"Information wants to be free."

earliest hacker slogan

Think about your organizing before you start it. "Net Organizing Without Spam" might give you some ideas. The document is outdated, particularly in regard to new organizing possibilities and tools, and will shortly be rewritten. But this is where it stands now.

You can read an annotated index of all the documents listed below. Much of the information in them is outdated; other material -- made in the most authoritative fashion -- reflects nothing but the political bias of the author. Nonetheless, as a net activist, you should be familiar with all of the material.

FAQ: Current Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines
Chris Lewis, edited/maintained by Tim Skirvin, last modified 25 Mar 97
Cancel Messages: Frequently Asked Questions
"This document contains information about cancel messages on Usenet, such as who is allowed to use them, how they operate...."
What Is Usenet?
[commented and edited by] Gene Spafford and Mark Moraes. last change 22 Nov 95
What Is Usenet: A Second Opinion
by Edward Vielmetti. last changed 14 Feb 1997.
A Primer On How to Work With the Usenet Community
by Chuq von Rospach, [commented and edited by] Gene Spafford, and Mark Moraes. last change 23 Sep 96.
Rules For Post to Usenet
[commented and edited by] Gene Spafford, and Mark Moraes. last changed 23 Sep 96.
Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
by Brad Templeton. last change 13 May 95.
Canonical Reasons for Voting ....
by Joe Bernstein, 13 Feb 97.
The Great [Usenet] Renaming FAQ
by Lee S. Bumgarner, no date, before Nov 96
Guidelines on Usenet Newsgroup Names
by David W. Wright and [modified by] Mark Moraes. last change 13 Jun 95.
Help! I've Been Spammed! What Do I Do? FAQ
by Chris Lewis.
Guidelines For Usenet Group Creation
by Greg Woods, [edited and modified by] Gene Spafford, and David C [no period] Lawrence. last modified 11 Nov 95. Also posted by David C Lawrence under the name "How to Create a New Usenet Newsgroup."
Moderated Newsgroups FAQ
by Denis McKeon, edition posted 7 July 1997.
Moderator's Handbook
by Kent Landfield, n.d. circa "sometime 95."
Usenet Sources Newsgroup Moderation
by Kent Landfield, n.d. circa "sometime 1995."
New Users [to ] Please Read
by R. Allbery, J. Bernstein, and J.D. Falk. 1996.
The Usenet Newsgroup Creation Companion
by Ron Dippold, 23 Mar 95.
news.groups: A Survival Guide [Part 1 of 2]
by Joe Bernstein and Rebecca McQuitty, 17 June 97
news.groups: A Survival Guide [Part 2 of 2]
by Joe Bernstein and Rebecca McQuitty, 17 June 97
So You Want to Create an Alt Newsgroup
by David Barr, 1995.
How To Write a Good Newgroup Message
by Brian Edmonds, 22 Feb 98.
The Troll FAQ - AKA, Pummeling Your Trolls Into Oblivious Paste
by Prunesquallor "in cohorts with: Lady Bathory, Sande & Skate-Gundy, Peter T. Caffin (Synic), Ronald M. Carrier, Dragoness Eclectic, oddlystrange, Hardrock Llewynyth, Gandalf The White, Rev Dr David Gerard, and especially William C. Isenhour (TSM)"
Request For Comments - 1036: Standard for Interchange of USENET Messages
by M. Horton and R. Adams, Dec 87.
Request For Comments - 1036b: News Article Format and Transmission
by Henry Spencer
Not To Do About Spam
"There is one cardinal rule to remember when dealing with spammers and rogue sites: we must hold the high moral ground."

Please feel to write "" if you know of interesting online documents that we've missed.

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