Links of Interest

Don't expect to enormous numbers of links on this page. The web is like a vast global library where anybody can deposit a book. Information about groups on the web is handled far better by other organizations who specialize. Here's a list of where to find them.

Sites Fighting the Political Right and Related Issues

Fighting Holocaust Revisionism -- Nizkor
Tracking the Militia Movement -- Militia Watchdog
Fighting Cults -- FactNet
Tracking the Online Political Right -- HateWatch
Fighting the Rightwing Backlash -- Public Eye / Political Research Associates
Defending Abortion Rights -- Abortion Clinics Online

Traditional Anti-Fascist Organizations

The Second 'Socialist' International
Reflecting the politics of the Third 'Communist' International

Traditional Victims of Fascism

If you can't find what your looking for from links off of these sites it probably isn't on the web.

"Activism" -- Paul Lefrak's Activist Resources Home Page
Bisexual,Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, etc. -- Queer Resources Directory
Black -- Pan-African Political and Organizational Information
Jehovah's Witnesses -- Watchtower: Official Web Site of Jehovah's Witnesses
Jewish -- Jewishnet: Global Jewish Information Network
Labor -- Cyber Picket Line
Roma ("Gypsies") -- Union Romani

Current Issues / Current Campaigns

The Roma ("Gypsies") and the U.K.'s National Front

Keep the Nazis Out of Dover Asylum Seekers Welcome Here!

Fighting Hate-Based Action in South Asia

... because bigotry, intolerance, and fascism are not just European phenomena...

Indian Secularism A Secular Voice....
Progressive S. Asian Exchange Net -- proXsa net
S. Asian Citizens Web

Please feel to write "" if you know of interesting specialized sites that we've missed.