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We publish The Internet Anti-Fascist. You can read published articles from The Antifa Info-Bulletin, Computer underground Digest, and The Internet Anti-Fascist here. The material covers theory, tactics, and news of anti-fascist actions as well as other issues that are of interest to many anti-fascists.

The latest issue of our journal is #165.

But there are, of course, several other journals available on the net devoted directly to anti-fascism or that contain material of interest to anti-hate and pro-tolerance activists.

You can read the latest issues of the following journals:
"ACLU Newsfeed" 10 Nov 98
"Antifa Info-Bulletin" 30 Oct 98 98
Tom Burghardt's publication from the U.S. west coast.
"Antimilitarist Online" 1:02, 16 Mar 98
The new English/Russian journal from the Antimilitarist Radical Association (ARA), an association of the Transnational Radical Party.
"FactNet News Briefs" Aug-Sep 98
A monthly anti-cult service from FactNet's online journal.
"GLAAD Alert" 29 Oct 98
The regular online newsletter from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.
"Holocaust Newsletter" 25 Oct 98
Jen Rosenberg's Holocaust Guide at The Mining Company.
"RightWingWatch Online" 27 Oct 98
People For the American Way tracks rightwing organizing.
You can also read the back issues of the journal at our ftp site.

Many anti-fascist activists asked how they could set up new news groups. We've assembled what is probably the most extensive list of documents in this area available on the net.

For people new to the net -- or becoming involved with some of the politics swirling around it -- you can read the latest copies of:
"Center for Democracy and Technology -- Policy Post" 28 Oct 98
"Center for Democracy and Technology -- Free Speech" 10 Oct 98 98
"Computer underground Digest" 8 Nov 98
"CyberWire Dispatch" 25 Feb 98
"EFFector" 11:1, 5 Oct 98 98
"Net Action Notes" 2 Nov 98
"Net Future" 27 Oct 98
Please feel to write "" if you know of interesting online journals that we've missed.

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