The Internet Anti-Fascist: Sunday, 1 March 98

Vol. 2, Number 10 (#75)



The Official Vote Results

misc.activism.anti-fascism.announce......................724 YES | 106 NO
misc.activism.anti-fascism.tactics.......................719 YES | 110 NO
soc.politics.anti-fascism................................746 YES | 93 NO

A fair number of people voted from one or two groups and against the
others. This indicates that they had some disagreements over issues
like name space in the UseNet hierarchy. These are certainly the types
of disagreements that anti-fascists can have among themselves.

Both a conservative-libertarian Good Old Boys Network and supporters
of a left-moving-to-right cult mobilized only about 100 votes between
them. Our 700+ vote turnout was disappointing. However, given the one
week where we had a legal advertisable pointer we turned out more
people than ever before. Simply extrapolating from this one week to the
permitted 28-day voting period we turned out about 3 1/2 times the
supporters as any group vote in the history of the net.

Where Things Stand Now

The three news groups have been created when David C Lawrence, the
"goodist" of the Good Ol' Boys, formally posted a message to create the
groups. But this in itself does not get material into the groups.
Because the groups are moderated all posts come first to the moderators
before being sent off to the various computers acting as news servers.

The process is not as simple as regularly posting to news groups. The
modifications that the moderators need to make to approved posts is a
bit of an arcane art. Several public domain software programs help the
moderators perform the needed actions. At present, the moderators are
investigating what Internet Service Provider we should use to run the
software and familiarizing ourselves with the software.

We'll let you know here, on several discussion lists, and on different
news groups when we have everything up and running.

What Next?

The fight to establish the news groups was a political one. Now that
we've won, the new priorities have to be administrative. In order, I
think they are:

1) Get the new groups up and running;
2) Regularize publication of TINAF;
3) Move away from a "quickie" site supporting
the new group organizing and make it a site worthy of the name.

With these tasks completed, the most important political tasks are:

4) Produce a post-mortem of the struggle, with particular emphasis on
the Ol' Boys (Inter) Net;
5) Investigate the nature of political cults, with particular emphasis
on the proponents of Spartacism who tried to wreck the
organizing, focusing in particular on the inherent anti-Semitic
nature of their attack on the groups as a "B'Nai Brith front."

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