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Disputes With 'National Anarchists'

"My organization [Pornonationalist Vanguard / Black Vanguard] and I are heating up in our campaign to counter, thwart, and defeat Paul Kneisel's deceptive propaganda. We are making use of Usenet, Internet, mailing lists, flyers, leaflets, 'planting,' snooping, subversion, and all other means at our disposal to smash the hegemony that Kneisel and other Zionists currently enjoy." -- Brandon 'Daedra Morrighan' Orr
Orr on Orr: The Early Days
Brandon Orr today, post-May 2001, likes to present 'herself' as a leftist, rigorously anti-racist, opposed to the nation-state, anarchist, fighter for all that is good. But Orr's posts a short time ago, under many names, before he adopted his current strategy, present a far different picture. For examples of how Orr first described his politics, see:
Brandon Orr, the Pro-'Family'
Brandon Orr, the Homophobe
Brandon Orr, the Patriot
Brandon Orr, the Racist
Brandon Orr, the Racist #2
Brandon Orr, the Racist #3
Brandon Orr, the Sexist
Brandon Orr, the White Nationalist

An Analysis of Orr and Fascism

Orr himself is not an important figure in the fascist movement. What is important, however, is what we may learn about fascists -- how they think, how they organize, their net tactics, and even how they lie. It is worth examing Orr's actions here for this and only this reason. For an analysis of Orr's work, see:
Paul Kneisel, "Fascism As A Necrophillic Phenomenon", 25 May 2001

Paul Kneisel, "Brandon 'Daedra Morrighan' Orr and the Techniques of Fascist Agitation", 18 May 2001

Paul Kneisel, "Brandon Orr: Waist-Deep In the Big Muddy", 22 May 2001

Paul Kneisel, "Brandon Orr In Vogue: The Fascist As Necro-Sexist" 8 June 2001

An Early Critic Speaks (or Sings)

Rev. WarFrost [sic], "The Modern Day trans-Gender Girl"

Orr's Politic: Out of the Mouths of Fascists

It is always useful to see exactly how the fascists organize and conduct their propaganda. In Orr's case this means, above everything, how he uses the typical fascist technique of misdirection, a sort of Nacht und Nebel of concepts and truth via the written word.
Brandon Orr, "Paul Kneisel Linked to Jewish Fascists", 9 May 2001

Brandon Orr, "Paul Kneisel: Pro-Fascist, Pro-Zionist", 9 May 2001

Brandon Orr, "Why Does Paul Kneisel Lie?", 16 May 2001

Brandon Orr, "What Is Holocaust Denial", 22 May 2001

Brandon Orr, "Paul Kneisel: Aggressive Proponent of Censorship and Repression", 22 May 2001

Brandon Orr, "Paul Kneisel's Mentor: War Criminal Ariel Sharon, 'the Bulldozer'", 23 May 2001

Brandon Orr, "E-Groups Infiltrated; Adam Levenstein Whines", 24 May 2001

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