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Subject: Race Report
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It is amazing (should it be?) to behold the utterly dishonest tactics that egalitarian maniacs will use to advance their cult and foment anti- White sentiments.

One such cultist, posting to a newsgroup, recently claimed that Ireland is a "violent" place and no better a place to live than any predominantly Negro or Hispanic country.

But let's look at the facts.

Ireland is a few percentage-points short of 100% White.

In Ireland, a baby born can expect to live to the age of 75. That is the life expectancy at birth there. Infant mortality is extremely low. Literacy is 100%.

There is NO predominantly Negro or Hispanic country in the world that has a life-expectancy or literacy rate that high, or an infant mortality rate that low.

This is in spite of the fact that handouts to such pestholes have totaled in trillions of dollars.

How many Politically Correct sheeple would continue to think as they do if they had to live in, say, the Republic of Niger for a while? This is a rather typical nation on the Dark Continent.

Niger has a life expectancy of just over forty. The literacy rate is 14%. Of every thousand children born in Niger, 114 can expect to not see their first birthday.

Despite all the handouts. Despite all the "peacekeeping." Despite all the "friendship" and "compassion" we have given to these inbred cannibals, who have never invented and never created.

Detroit has looked more and more like Niger as its Negro population has increased and taken over. The "Dirty War" perpetrated by these descendants of slaves (who were, by the way, slaves already in Africa before they were here) is nothing less than an atrocity that has left millions of Americans murdered, robbed and driven out of their cities.

Time to bomb the "Republic of New Africa," Mr. Clinton?


Pseudo-scientists are claiming that "race doesn't exist." Of course, their real purpose is to dissolve White identity and foment anti-White racism. You NEVER see such "scientists" calling for the abolition of the Negro College Fund or denouncing Al Sharpton on the basis of their flat-earth ideology.

It is important to note that such "scientists" and "intellectuals" have strong political motivations for crafting their pseudo-science. And financial motivations. Being anti-White has never been so profitable.


For a moment, let's take a look at the words of one of these "workers for tolerance and equality."

JESSE JACKSON has visited Havana on missions promoting "peace and understanding." During one such visit, in a conversation about Fidel Castro, Jackson called the filthy butcher "the most honest, courageous politician I have ever met."

The Pornonationalist Vanguard

"May total-promiscuity, sensuality and unfettered sexuality write the real motto of feminism and hoist the banners of true Americanism."


If ever there could be a noble one, one noble as a frontline soldier, it is she whose lust, and lust alone, sets us free.