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  • Special On Brandon Orr
    Brandon Orr's Patriotism

    Having served in the United States Navy myself (and received discharge under honorable conditions to protest the pro-Christian hypocrisy in the ranks, but making it clear that I am willing to serve should a war arrive), I have experienced firsthand the anti-patriotic ignorance that has corrupted our armed forces.

    Eric Cordian claims that nation-states are "obselete," but I doubt he's going to stop paying taxes or burn his Social Security card anytime soon. Nation-states will be around as long as the human animal is around. Nation-states require defense forces, and such forces demand respect from the people they protect. Mr. Cordian is no fool, but his scorning of our men and women in uniform -- who protect the freedoms he so casually hides behind as he trashes them -- is reprehensible.

    Dana Phillips, on the other hand, is actually somewhat supportive of our military, at least ostensibly. His patriotism, however mild, is very uncommon to see in a 'Liberal Democrat'. Dana errs, I think, when he labels Eric a "troll" (someone who posts just to get an outrageous reaction). Eric's views may seem extreme to Dana, but, like mine, they are views honestly held (not said for shock value) and should be treated as such.

    The Pornonationalist Vanguard

    "May total-promiscuity, sensuality and unfettered sexuality write the real motto of feminism and hoist the banners of true Americanism."


    If ever there could be a noble one, one noble as a frontline soldier, it is she whose lust, and lust alone, sets us free.


    originally published as:
    From: -PV- (
    Subject: Thoughts on Dana, Eric and the Military
    Newsgroups: alt.activism.children, alt.flame.jesus.christ, alt.war, alt.military
    Date: 2000/09/20

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