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  • Special On Brandon Orr
    Brandon Orr's Racism 1/3

    If you believed everything you saw on the Jew-Tube, you'd think that Whites were the criminals, drug-dealers and losers.

    The statistics say just the opposite.

    Aren't you tired of the kosher crowd talking about "inbreds" and "toothless trailer trash?"

    If you want to see trailer trash, or ignorant inbreds, or people with terrible dental hygiene, look in a nigger "community." That's where you'll find all that.

    Hey, NIGGER.

    What? You're offended by that? Tough shit, Sambo. You call your fellow niggers that all the time, you toothless black trash nigger.

    What we built, you tear down.

    What we created, you destroy.

    You have never invented. And I'm the unsophisticated one?

    You say I created AIDS in some lab to destroy you. And I'm the conspiracy theorist?

    You were building mud huts in the Congo while I was building the Parthenon and the Pyramids. And you say I'm the one who needs to get progressive?

    Fuck you, inbred nigger. I don't owe you anything. Not a goddamn thing. Before you were a slave here you were a slave over in your beloved Africa. And if I'm "holding you down" so much, why the hell aren't you scrambling back to your beloved motherlands?

    That's right. I don't owe you anything you goddamn parasite.

    The only thing I owe you is: "UP AGAINST THE WALL NIGGER...THIS IS AN ARREST!"

    You're pushing my people now, and when push comes to shove, don't be too damned surprised if we strike back hard. Don't be amazed if we flush the walking whale dung that you are down the evolutionary toilet once and for all.

    Don't push me, nigger. Inbred, black trash, nigger.

    The Pornonationalist Vanguard

    "May total-promiscuity, sensuality and unfettered sexuality write the real motto of feminism and hoist the banners of true Americanism."


    If ever there could be a noble one, one noble as a frontline soldier, it is she whose lust, and lust alone, sets us free.


    originally published as:
    From: -PV- (
    Newsgroups: alt.politics.nationalism.white
    Date: 2000/09/19

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