California Presses 'Cyberstalking' Case: Man Accused of Impersonating Woman
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22 Jan 99

LOS ANGELES -- In what prosecutors say is the first case filed under a new
state "cyberstalking" law, a man is accused of portraying a woman on the
Internet as someone with fantasies of being raped. 

The woman was not physically harmed, but six men showed up at her apartment
between April and July saying they were responding to her online personal
ads that said, "I am into rape fantasy and gang-bang fantasy." She didn't
even own a computer at the time. 

Gary S. Dellapenta, 50, will be arraigned Feb. 2 on one count of computer
stalking, one count of using a computer to commit fraud, deceive or extort,
and three counts of solicitation to commit sexual assault, district
attorney's spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons said Thursday. 

Met at church 

The alleged stalking began after the woman rejected Dellapenta's romantic
advances, authorities said. They had met at their church. The man's
unrelenting pursuit allegedly led the woman to ask her church's elders to
oust Dellapenta from the congregation, which they did. 

Dellapenta, who was arrested in November, remains jailed in lieu of
$300,000 bail. His lawyer, deputy public defender Irene G. Nunez, declined
to comment Thursday. 

Prosecutors say Dellapenta, a former security guard, told numerous men what
the victim looked like, her address and phone number, and how to bypass her
home security system.

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