Our Cyberspace Image

Pierce Writes Against Public NA Membership Posts

The members who have been developing our World Wide Web sites are mature, serious, responsible men and women, and they have been doing excellent work. They use only material which has been provided by the National Office. The image of us projected by our web sites is one of professionalism and competence. It is a serious image, befitting the world-historical task of the Alliance. It attracts to us the sort of men and women we must have in order to accomplish that task.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the image generated by much of the cyberchatter from the many members who participate in the various Internet discussion groups. Some of these, identifying themselves as Alliance members, give more of an impression of hyperactive children at play than of serious adults at work. Gossip about "movement" personalities, name-calling, utterly inane debates about inconsequential matters, and policy statements which are both ill-conceived and unauthorized -- all identified as somehow Alliance-related -- certainly must not make a very favorable impression on interested non-members who are listening in. I know that I am embarrassed when I read some of the discussion-group exchanges made in the name of the Alliance. They almost make me sympathize with Rabbi Abe Cooper in his frantic efforts to find a way to censor the Internet!

Gossip carried to excess is an unmanly activity, and it is contrary to Alliance policy. It makes a generally poor impression on the type of people we are interested in recruiting. We want to be seen as doers, not as talkers, and in this regard it is good to remember that talkers generally are ineffective people, for whom talk takes the place of effective action.

Also contrary to Alliance policy is any member making a public statement on behalf of the Alliance of posting internal publications, such as material from our Bulletins, unless he has been authorized specifically to do so by the National Office. The Internet is a public forum, not a private playground. [emphasis added -- tallpaul]

I can no more control what people say on the Internet than Rabbi Abe can, but I am appealing to our members to be a little more responsible and a little more conscious of our image in their Internet activity. The image we want is, above all else, one of seriousness and competence; we want the image of an organization that is determined to do whatever is necessary to get the job done and is capable of doing the job. We don't the image of a club of idle chatterers or a gang of bombastic blowhards.

Nothing I have said here should discourage our mature and responsible members from Internet activity. Participation in Internet discussion groups is an extremely useful activity. It has been very productive for us, and it will become even more productive in the future.

As for our less mature and/or less responsible members, when they cannot resist the urge to get into the Internet sandbox to play, they should do so as private individuals only, never as spokesmen for the Alliance.

originally posted by Ray "whitewolf" Hourigan, "OUR CYBERSPACE IMAGE By Dr. Pierce," usenet post to alt.politics.nationalism.white. 8 April 1996.

Thanks to Nizkor for archiving this post.