Pierce's Ex-Supporters Speak: 88 / Anonymous

Hello Harold,

I used to read your bulletin off and on and remember all that stuff going on between you and the NA. I didn't really grasp what you were talking about until I joined the NA.

Let me tell you, you were right about everything, well, except your exaggerations, which were well placed, since they are almost Simpsonesque in humor. But the humor hides an even more chilling aspect.

Dr. Pierce sits up on that hill, ranking in dough. He just petitioned for money to build a "new meeting hall." He claims to have 250,000 supporters, but I know it is a lie. It would be more correct to assume, 100 hardcore whackos, and about a mailing list of 900. Minimum dues are $10 a month. So why does he need $40,000 to build a meeting hall when the materials and time and labor will be donated anyways on land he already owns? What about the money given to him by The ORDER?! Hmm, the value of his land back then was CERTAINLY less than the amount gained. It hasn't changed much in that part of Inbred America these past years either. "Yer kinda silly luikin sitee-fulk!"

Due to his gaining Resistance, he is trying to monopolize all of the music, yet he still makes his people buy their propaganda for local distribution, WHICH WAS PRINTED WHEN STROM WAS STILL THERE! 1989?! Not to mention his people randomly spread false rumors about the competition, i.e. Panzerfaust, BFG Prod. etc.

Some local people want to set up a unit, so what happens? Well, how about a chance meeting with an online Vixen-hacker from "another group," who introduces you to someone from out-of-state, with obvious military background? Not only is she a recluse, but you never really see her after the meeting with her "partner".

One week later he moves hundreds of mile into town, just because a few people want to set up a unit. Two weeks later, he returns from WV to tell you he is Unit Coordinator. Hmmm.

He runs things slovenly, and speaks out against Hitler and National Socialism from the start. He never works, yet has plenty of money for everything, including nightly pub excursions. He thinks lesbianism is ok "because all women are naturally lesbian, and Hitler employed lesbians, etc." He also thinks the SS were TOO ELITE (because they didn't like Slavs?), has a thing for underage girls, and thinks that the Nazis in general did everything wrong because they didn't want to work with non-Germanic people.

While at the same time, he introduces you to paranoid, anonymous "friends" that appear out-of-the-blue, always promoting a gun, and move hundreds of miles on a whim. They come to meetings, never join, criticize everything, and try to recruit for "National-Bolshevism" through BBQs, spreading dissention among youth, and alcoholism in the ranks. Employing ex-druggie skinheads to harass normal members into doing something stupid, like murder or assault, thus getting them out of the way.

Exactly what does Pierce do with all of that money? With thousands of people giving up to $100 a month and all of the money he makes from the books, CDs, posters, and T-Shirt sales. Not an ounce goes to anything to promote a racial struggle, nor growth in the Units or even a sufficient HQ. His workers actually work for FREE! Hmmm

More energy is spent renting Gunshow booths to sell Turner Diaries to the masses, than even doing something like passing out leaflets.

Does it have anything to do with McVeigh? Perhaps. Government? I do wonder. Jews? Well, there is much money involved!

Any time someone wants to put up a swastika or proclaim to be NS, they are shot down as "hobbyists". When everyone gives their profession, nearly half were military. Still, anything Aryan is taboo, yet they knowingly recruit 1/4 Indians into their ranks. You raise a fuss? You become too NS? You are crucified.

Why do I write you, you might ask? Because now I know I should have heeded your warning about the Man From the Hill. Now, the ball is now in your court.

Destroy any trace of this after reading it.

88 -- Anonymous

[Why should I destroy such a thing of beauty? - HAC]

originally poste by Harold A. Covington, "William Pierce, Federal Informant," usenet post to alt.politics.nationalism.white, alt.politics.white-power, alt.revisionism. 15 August 2001.